Lake fly fishing Taupo region

Lake fishing in New Zealand offers you the chance to catch trophy brown or rainbow trout in superb condition that will give you an unforgettable fight.

If you are fly fishing Turangi, the main lake choices include Lake Taupo itself, Lake Rotoaira and Lake Otamangakau.

Lake Otamangakau

'Lake O' or 'The Big O' as it is fondly known to its devotees - is a true world-class water body and a mecca for the world's finest and keenest fly fishers, many of whom return year after year, drawn by its selective but plentiful trophy fish, which often attain double figures. This pristine lake nestles amid spectacular wilderness, framed by a backdrop of snow-capped active volcanoes, rolling hills and forest. It is fringed by dense stands of toi toi, native flax and reeds which attract abundant bird and insect life.

The key to fly fishing Lake O is its richly-varied insect feed supply - and the key to catching its monsters is knowing precisely what fly to use, where, when and how and in what conditions. Ken has studied the lake's ever-changing insect ecology over decades, and is one of the few professional fly fishing guides to master the secrets of this very special water and the monsters that cruise its banks and weed beds leaving big wakes. Lake O challenges the most expert of fly fishers - but, with a good fishing guide, can also reward the less experienced or novice in surprising ways.

All good things - trout as well as eternal salvation - come by grace, and grace comes by art, and art does not come easy. - Norman Maclean

Lake Rotoaira

Lake Rotoaira is a large, shallow natural waterbody in a magnificent setting of forested hills and volcanoes. It is used as a reservoir for hydroelectric power generation, so its water levels can vary through the day. The weed-fringed shoreline harbours a large population of good-sized brown and rainbow trout, justifying its choice as venue for the 28th World Fly Fishing Championships.

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is the collapsed magma chamber of a vast (hopefully extinct) volcano, which forms NZ's largest freshwater lake, with a surface area of 616 sq kms. It's cold, clean waters produce abundant feed for trout, yielding large numbers of big, well-conditioned fish. You can fish the lake itself - or have even more enjoyment stalking its fish in the many feeder streams and rivers, summer or winter.

Excellent trout are to be taken at the mouths of rivers and streams entering Lake Taupo, and fished by wading or by boat. 'Fishing the drop' where the riverbed sinks into the lake with a wet fly, egg fly or nymph can be rewarding, as can using a wet fly in the shallows when trout come in to chase the smelt. In summer big browns lie along fringing reed beds and lurk beneath the willows waiting for beetles and cicadas to fall.