Meet Ken Drummond

Ken Drummond is a professional fly fishing guide who has provided expert guided fishing to clients in the Lake Taupo region, North Island, New Zealand for more than twenty years.

Ken grew up near Taupo and has fished its rivers since he was old enough to hold a fly rod. He has quietly observed its rivers, streams and lakes, their fish, their birdlife and insects as well as the wildlife of the surrounding forests over a lifetime. On days when few are catching, Ken knows where to go, which fly to use – whether on a powerhouse river like the Tongariro, famous hotspots like the Hinemaiaia, Tauranga-Taupo or Wanganui, or a sparkling back-country stream he can read the water and spot the fish that others will walk right past.

As a fly fishing guide in Taupo and Turangi for more than twenty years, Ken's knowledge of the way of the New Zealand trout with a fly is unsurpassed, his unique fly patterns are admired and envied around the world: whatever your skills, you'll learn something new.

He is a mine of information, shrewd advice and sparkling anecdote about Nature - and fishing with him is an education, a delight and great fun. He has a deep respect and love for living things which he reveals, gently, in a fund of lively and enlightening stories. If you don't already love it, he will quietly enchant you with the wonders of wild New Zealand, leaving you all the richer for your visit.

With Ken Drummond, you get a great deal more than an experienced fly fishing guide.

The way of a trout with a fly ... combines the poise of the eagle in the air, the swift certainty of a serpent upon a rock, and the mystery of a ship in the midst of the sea, with the incalculableness of the way of a man with a maid. - G.E.M.Skues, 1921

Winter Fly Fishing - Ken Drummond - Tongariro - Classic Spawning Male
Ken Drummond
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