Don Jarvis

I visited the Taupo region around Christmas of 2007. Friends of the managers at Creel Lodge had booked us to stay there and we had a wonderful room and a fantastic interaction with Jon and Lyn, who treated us like family. Creel Lodge recommended Kenny Drummond as our guide and Kenny took us to Lake Otamangankau, which is about an hour's drive from Turangi. It is a beautiful lake with crystal clear water and outstanding mountain views. And the fish are what visitors imagine when they think about fishing in New Zealand. Huge, strong, beautiful rainbows, large strong beautiful brownies, and lots of action all day long. Overall, its one of my best fishing experiences ever and I have lots of opportunity, as I live in Wyoming in the USA, where there is plenty of fishing action to be had. I hope I will get back to Taupo again soon to see Jon, Lyn, and Kenny and to enjoy their hospitality and great fishing!

Best wishes,

Don Jarvis, Professor
University of Wyoming
Dept of Molecular Biology
1000 East University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071