Trevor Sinclair

Trevor Sinclair is a Rhodesian/now South African whose hobby is fly fishing. The sport has rubbed off on his Son, Wayne, who is a professional fly fisherman in South Africa & Zimbabwe, under the name of Sundowner Adventures (
Trevor owns a lodge on the Zambezi River, which runs West/East through Southern Africa, where guests are entertained by catching large Tiger fish on wet & dry fly. This is wild fishing amongst Hippos & Crocodiles.
Trevor owns or shares two other fishing venues in South Africa for less adventurous fly fishing for the fighting Yellowish (Barbus) & Trout, mainly Rainbows, up to 2,5 Kgs.
He read about the BIG Trout in NZ & decided to see for himself. So December 2007 he visited NZ to fish. Fortunately a friend of a fishing guide recommended Ken Drummond with whom we made contact. Prior to meeting Kenny Trevor fished Auckland Harbour, Rivers in North & South Island, which proved very different to what he is used to. i.e. Daylight with strike indicators & long droppers which get caught in every conceivable part of an anatomy except a fishes mouth. Evening, which due to the far South latitude, started from 9.00pm, (very tempting to go down after a few beers, but not recommended) was a different situation. Trevor likes fishing with a 5wt Thomas & Thomas & 1.5 KG leader when Dry Fly fishing. Other fishermen had 9 & 10 Wts with 10 Kg leaders; they were fairly vocal about Trevor's tackle.
From Creel Lodge, which provided comfortable accommodation, in Turangi, it is only a short walk to the fast flowing, very clear, Tongariro River. Wade in, pick a spot & listen. As the darkness approaches the trout you thought did not exist, come to the surface after the bugs. Big splashes all around! The first few takes were missed until the learning curve flattened; cast, keep in touch with the line& when a splash is heard where the dry fly should be , tighten!
Due to the light line, Trevor was getting 2 strikes to everyone else's one. Landing most of them & releasing. The one problem is they would normally run into the backing & so start trespassing on another anglers spot. The average mass was around 5 Kgs. Wonderful sport!
Then Kenny the Guide; on time, raring to go. He didn't know Trevor from Adam but was seen to go to Trevor's rod, look, & comment:" well worn, OK we'll look for some big ones as you seem to have fished before."
Kenny borrowed a boat from his charming friend, who, at the early time of our collection was making up time with his girlfriend, who had been away, sorry, but thanks for the boat!!
Kenny knew a Lake (The Big "O") high above Turangi where the conditions for big trout were good. Launched & quietly went to sight fish. A dorsal fin could be seen, cast close, not over; lay the line softly so as not to spook. Third cast a beautiful Grandfather brown Trout. It was photographed & returned as quickly as possible (see photo), more than a metre.
After further dry fly fishing with further success a gentle breeze came up, so the fashion changed to wet or dry with a dropper.
Ken knows this water so well that he found the drop offs without problem, which saves a huge amount of time. The ensuing, intriguing 5 hours of solid fishing, quite different to African methods, yielded some beautiful Rainbows. They were not weighed, but the proof is in the photos. There are BIG trout in NZ.
Trevor will always remember Kenny for this patient teaching & the totally different methods to those used in Africa. Note: One day, Kenny, you will be my guest to try hairy chested Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River. Where men are men & the sheep are no longer nervous, as they have been eaten by Crocodiles.

Trevor Sinclair
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