November 2014: Latest Catch Fishing Report

Trout fishing in the Turangi, Taupo area has been great for the first start of spring,with wild weather rain snow and sun shine fisherman have had all seasons. The Tongariro river and Tauranga taupo rivers have fish very well over the last 6 weeks producing some fantastic late season spawing fish from Lake Taupo.

As the temputer increases the May flies and Caddis have certainly been emerging, dry fly fishing has been great and will continue so as we now have the Green Manuka Beetle out during the day and Grass Grub the Brown beetle out of the evening.

The Tongariro river looks in great shape for this coming summers fly fishing as the Brown Trout are just starting to make thier summer arrival up the Tongariro river and lower parts of the Tauranga Taupo river so with lots of rainbow trout in the Tongariro it looks like another good season on the way for trout fishing in Taupo.

Lake Otamangakau has been fishing well with fish taking Damsel nymphs, Draggan fly nymphs, midges,wet flies and on warm days dry flies have deen fishing well. Again this season the trout in Lake Otamangakau are in suppurb condition so alls looking great for this fisheries future. Back country fishing has been very good on fine days, rivers seem to be in good flow and appear to be in good codition. so sure looks like another wonderfull summer of Cicada fly fising ahead.

Fly Fishing back country New Zealand Trout Fishing  Turangi
Tongariro river Turangi New Zealand, Rainbow trout
Fly fishing Turangi Brown Trout nz
Back country Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout, Trout Fishing Taupo New Zealand
Lake Otamangakau  Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout Turangi
Fly Fishing New Zealand, Rainbow Trout Fishing Turangi
Lake Otamangakau, Fly Fishing Turangi, Taupo New Zealand, Rainbow Trout
Trout Fishing Taupo New Zealand
Fly Fishing Taupo New Zealand