Don Whiteman from NSW, Australia

Back home in Sydney after 12 days in NZ. Highlight of the trip was the day we spent on 29th.

Below are a few words to sum up the great day you gave me. I will never forget it, I know I owe you a few flies and I will definitely be back to fish with you again.

When I strolled out at 7:50am there you were at the front of Creel Tackle shop bubbling and ready to roll, car loaded, lunches packed and we were off.

20 minutes in the car and we were unloading and heading off down a track for the day.

Straight into the river and wading upstream to the first riffle, a short stop for a look, not this pool you said, we'll move on a little.

50m further upstream and we stop and have a cast into a beautiful clear pool with feeding trout in it, three or four casts and we were on, a nice rainbow about 45cm. Magnificent colours and condition, This was going to be a fun day.

We moved a little further up stream in case we were being followed up by other fishers, but we only saw on other person all day. The river was ours and we had the pick of any pool.

Ken knew every inch of the river and if he said there's fish in this pool then there was for sure. At one pool we stopped at, Ken was on one side of the river spotting , whilst I stood on the other side casting into a pool of fish.

Apart from me catching the riverbank bushes once or 5 times I got 6 beautiful Rainbows to hand out of this pool all over 45 cm, all healthy and plump.

I broke off on a beautiful Brown which was last seen with a glo bug in it's mouth jumping all over the place. I reckon I lost 6 more that I couldn't get landed.

Still moving up the river, we came across a pool Ken said would have some good fish in it. As we waded up to it we managed to make a bit of disturbance and scared them off for a bit.

Ken told me that if we take our time stand still and wait they would move back in and sure enough I hooked up to a couple of big fish in this pool.

A lunch break, sitting on the side of this magnificent river, we got to talking and I found that we had a lot in common, age, taste in music, films, love of camping and outdoors.

The next pool I screwed up and caught a submerged log and Ken waded up to his chest to retrieve the fly, Mate, I apologies for that, but fly caught more fish that afternoon.

When we got to the final pool we were going to we were still casting into some great fish in the stream. It was here I caught my first maiden of the day.

Of the fish I brought to hand 6 were hens, 2 were maidens and 10 were bucks.

This is had been one of the best and certainly the most enjoyable days fishing ever.

If you are going to fish the rivers of the Turangi area of the Central Plateau on New Zealand's North Island and you are looking for a guide, there is no one better that Ken Drummond.

I cannot recommends him highly enough, great guide, great fisherman, great bloke.

Thanks to Jill and Richard at Creel Lodge for your recommendation of Ken Drummond, I'm telling everyone.

Cheers mate

Don Whiteman (you called me Bob)

Don holding a Brown trout Don holding a Rainbow trout Don holding a Rainbow trout Don holding a Brown trout