May 2016

Molly and James

Hey Ken,

I’m sitting at the air port as I type this and thought I’d let you know how our Turangi/Taupo adventure panned out. Thank you so much for you help and guidance during the trip. Wow, we sure hit the best of the weather with all that rain and snow, stunning to look up at the mountains. James and I took the rods up the Tongariro River that morning but didn’t have much luck, the wind played havoc and the only thing we ended up catching was a nice big branch, haha. However, we went for a walk up the Tongariro river afterward and sat down on the banks to enjoy our picnic we made. We sat down by some rock pools and chatted with another Turangi local who was also trying his luck at catching a big one, but the weather got the best of both of us so we headed to Tokanu hot pools for a soak instead. P.S can you tell us why the fishing is meant to be good after the rain? I’ve always wanted to ask. . We did the Tauranga-Taupo Cafe too (such beautiful coffee) and headed up to our Motel in Taupo before moving on to Rotorua the next day. We can’t wait for our next fishing in September with you, Im glad we’re booked in this time because I think we’ve caught enough trees to last a while, hahaha. Keep those fish running hot for us Ken and take care. the countdown begins, four months to go until Turangi and then we can catch some nice big brown trout. We’ll see you very soon.

Kind regards,
Molly and James

Bruce Zeller from Cape Cod holds a wonderfull<br /> striper fish caught on fly salt water fishing

Bruce Zeller from Cape Cod

Bruce Zeller fly fisherman from the US comes to New Zealand to go fly fishing in Turangi the area while staying in New Zealand , Bruce loves the Tongariro river and catches many top quailty trout Rainbow trout and Brown trout from the Tongariro river while fly fishing in New Zealand Here Bruce Zeller from Cape Cod holds a wonderfull striper fish caught on fly salt water fishing ,top eating fish are these Striper caught from the ocean . Striper fish arrive early season and stay around Cape Cod for the summer while water temps are high and leave the area in Autume .

Hi Ken,

Thanks much for taking good care of us when we were in NZ. Ruth took her second cast off her arm when we got back to the US and evidently it is much better. So, maybe when we get back there to NZ, we'll have you over for dinner!

When we got back to the US, I got a brown trout photo from Grant. It was good quality, but I didn't smile in it, so I am not going to send it to you. Instead I am sending you a picture of a striper. I got this a couple of years ago with Richard here in the spring. There are marks on it to the bottom left of it that are living lice. So, I guess it was a "fresh" one from the ocean.

I hope you have a great winter. I am going fishing for stripers today. So, we'll see how I do.

Best wishes,

Martin holding a rainbow trout fish

Martin Staub from Switzerland

Hi Ken

Thank you once more for the fantastic fishing day at the Tongariro-River on Jan. 22-16. It was a pleasure and very helpfull having you as a Guide. If I come to the Creel Lodge again for trout fishing when in New Zealand , I will let you know !

All the best and tight lines

Martin Staub from Switzerland
Jason holding a rainbow trout fish

Jason Briffa

Hi Kenny,

I just wanted to send you the photo of one of the lovely trout we managed on our trip. Both Phill and myself would also like to say a big thankyou for your time and expertise to get us onto these fish. Your years of experience truly shows and we would have had no chance in finding these fish without you.

Thanks once again for your good company and time and we really look forward to coming back later this year.

Jason Briffa