April 2022

20th April 2022: Turangi trout fishing report

Weather: 19 degree C (day), 15 degree C (evening), Balmy & Overcast

April is a wonderful month to Trout fish the Lake Taupo and Turangi area with the sun still warm and evenings getting just a little cooler lots of Trout gather around the stream and river mouths that enter Lake Taupo here they can cool down, also feed on crayfish and baby fish as they wait for the right conditions to run the river which is a nice rain fall this will clean the river bottom making perfect for the female Trout the Hen to lay her eggs in new clean gravel.

Trout will normally select the stream or river they were born in to spawn and lay their eggs. Hine and Tauranga Taupo rivers have had some nice fresh runs of fish so far this year and the runs are just starting and will continue until spring time. Tongariro river has some nice new fresh Trout to be caught both wet fly and nymph.

Reports from coming in from Boats anglers fishing Lake Taupo have been good with trolling down deep producing some top quality Trout for the table. Lake Otamangakau appears to be still fishing well with east north east breezes make for good glassy stable conditions. Lake Rotoriara and Lake Kuratau are fishing fine with lots of fantastic eating Trout to be be caught with all fishing style working.

Cheers tight lines
Trout Fishing in Taupo/Turangi New Zealand

20th April 2022: Duncan and Kath

Duncan and Kath up from south island First time fly fishing Tongariro river Turangi fishing wet fly Hammills Killer.

Trout fishing Turangi fly fishing Taupo
Trout fishing Turangi fly fishing Taupo
Trout fishing Turangi fly fishing Taupo