Ken's favourite trout recipes

Read All About It - Turangi Dilled Trout

NZ news is kind of unique. So a copy of the local newspaper imparts a special flavour to the catch of the day. It can be used to cook trout to perfection.

1 used copy of the NZ Herald, Dominion or Taupo Times.
1 whole trout, gilled and gutted - 2-4 lbs.
Lemon juice
2 chopped spring onions
Bundle of fresh dill sprigs (or smaller amount of fennel fronds)
Salt and pepper.
Olive oil

Season the trout inside and out and place the herbs and onions in the cavity. Rub with oil. Carefully wrap the trout in 4 or 5 sheets of newspaper, one at a time, folding over the edges to make a neat parcel. Tie with string, then run it under a cold tap until the paper is moist, but not soggy.

Cook on a BBQ hotplate, in the ashes of a fire, or bake in a medium oven (180). Allow approx. 15 minutes per lb, turning half way through the cooking time.

Allow to cool slightly before peeling off the paper to reveal perfectly steamed trout that just slips out of its skin.