Ken's favourite trout recipes

New Zealand trout are among the most succulent and delicious in the world – they come from clean, snow melt, rain- or spring-fed waters, and have a richly varied diet of natural foods. They are edible at all sizes, but the best eating are usually fish in the 2-4 lb class. A 4lb fish will happily feed four.

Tempura Trout

Trout fillet makes a delicious crunchy starter or post-angling snack after a long day wading the rivers. Cook in small batches and serve piping hot with a tangy ginger, wasabi and soy dipping sauce...

Peppered Roast Trout

Lightly toast whole spices in a dry frying pan, then grind or pound coarsely and blend with salt ...

Read All About It – Turangi Dilled Trout

NZ news is kind of unique. So a copy of the local newspaper imparts a special flavour to the catch of the day. It can be used to cook trout to perfection.

Spring River Trout Mousselines With Mayfly Garnish

This recipe is a bit ‘cheffy’, but absolutely delicious and not as hard as it sounds. You can also keep your fishing mates occupied ‘tying the garnish’ while you prep the rest.

Trout Gravlax With Wasabi – Or Hot Smoked Trout

This works best with the thicker fillets from larger fish.

Big Brown Trout En Papillotte

The pungent Mediterranean herbs used with roast lamb and other red meats are usually regarded as too powerful for fish, especially trout. This recipe by the Chef from a famous 6-star Sydney hotel is the exception: a special recipe for a special fish

Trout Hollandaise

This is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to serve fresh, river-run rainbow trout.